The 1970’s were turbulent times around the world. Some say the best country, folk and rock & roll music originated during these years. One thing’s for certain, some of the worlds greatest song writers came out of this era.

Dave Gordon was a young upstart musician, kicking around in Canada, playing bars and festivals as a sideman. His musical talents included pedal steel guitar, lead electric and 5 string banjo. What’s more, Dave was at home playing the acoustic finger picking styles of Gordon Lightfoot and Arlo Guthrie.

When asked about his musical influences Dave once stated; “There’s no way I could pick one single influence. The music of the seventies was simply too good to pick just one artist or band. But I would have to say that Gordon Lightfoot was my favorite, Johnny Cash and the Beatles were right behind, and let’s not forget Earl Scruggs.”

Song writing became a main focus of JD’s in the late 1980’s, when Dave was quoted as saying;

“The music is becoming homogenized or should I say cookie cutter. Everyone in Nashville is sounding the same. Johnny Cash would be turning over in his grave if he saw this happening”.

Dave Gordon took a sabbatical from music in the 1990’s to raise a family, but then returned to his calling in 2000 with his first album, Breaking These Chains. This is when he decided to market himself under the name JD Gordon. “Old friends in particular have asking me where the J comes from? It comes from my nephew Johnny Gordon who co-wrote many tunes on my early albums, and appeared playing harmonica as well”.

JD Gordon now has the support and backing needed to take the next step of moving his career to the international stage. If you ever seen JD on stage you will undoubtedly see a polished professional entertainer that can read the crowd and embrace them with songs that touch their very soul.

As one music critic recently stated; “JD Gordon is one of the best kept secrets in North America. I believe he has the quality of the John Prine, Jimmy Buffett and Arlo Guthrie’s of the world. It’s just a matter of time before he gets that big break”